Well, hello! and thanks for stopping by. There is some music for you below, and there is a full stream of the new album right here.
You can purchase a copy of “then we saw the stars again” at the amberhaze bandcamp page.
In the blog section, you’ll find some writing. About anything, really.

Help yourselves to the free downloads below. I hope you’ll enjoy the music.
Having a place to share it is the whole reason why I started this website and it’s great to know it can be reached anywhere in the world. Mostly, it’s fun, and I never want to change that in the equation. Still, if you’d like to contribute to some of the recording or traveling costs, no amount is too small. And it is deeply appreciated.

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The Raleigh EP is here. Free download on bandcamp, or by clicking the cover below:


Artist: Amberhaze
Album Title: Raleigh EP
Catalog No.: KWR010
Format: Digital only
Street Date: 11 January 2011
Label: KittyWu Records



thenwesaw cover


“Then we saw the stars again” has been released on 09.09.09. You can now get your copy from the shop. Each order will come with an exclusive unreleased download, “Death in Venice”.

Here’s what the press is saying:

Straits Times review of “Then we Saw the Stars again”. Life!, 18/09/2009, by Yeow Kai Chai

Business Times review of “Then we saw the Stars again”, 18/09/09, by Christopher Lim


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